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Terms of Use

Read the terms and conditions before using our website. Use only if you agree to those conditions. If you do not agree, please do not use our website. Please note that if you use our website, it will be deemed that you agree on all terms and conditions as follows:

1. Copyright
Copyrights to the contents included on this site belong to our company. However, if some work has been outsourced or if another entity exists that claims authorship to the copyright other than Vita Craft, then the copyright belongs to that entity. Customers may download, save or print out the contents of this website if such content is to be used for personal use, but may not be reprinted, reproduced or translated to other print media or websites. Do not use the contents for something outside the scope of use recognized in the copyright law.
2. Trademark
Rights of the trademark or service mark on our website belong to Vita Craft, its affiliates and those who are recognized by Vita Craft. They shall not be used in any manner without permission.
3. Link
You may link your website with the Website freely. You do not need to contact us with regard to such link. However, Vita Craft is entitled to request deletion of the link depending on the contents of your website or link. Use “http://Vita Craft.co.jp/” to link to your site with clear indication that we are Vita Craft Japan Ltd.
4. E-mail
E-mail that is sent from our company in response to your inquiry, is only for the purpose of answering the questions you have asked in your e-mail. Copyright on these e-mails belongs to Vita Craft Japan Ltd., and you may not use such e-mails on other websites, print them without our permission, use part or all of the contents of the e-mails for complementary use or use them for any other purposes.
We may respond to your inquiries via mail or telephone instead of e-mail, depending on the contents sent by you.
We may take some time to get back to you depending on your inquiry. Please acknowledge beforehand. There are some cases in which our responses to our customers do not reach the e-mail addresses provided by our customers. If your e-mail is set up to reject our e-mails, you will not receive our response to your inquiry. Please double-check your e-mail settings before you send any e-mail to us.
5. Disclaimer
If there are inaccuracies in the contents of this site or if use of this site causes some form of problem between a customer and a third party, Vita Craft Japan Ltd. takes no responsibility for any damages.
Vita Craft Japan Ltd. also takes no responsibility for any damages incurred to software or hardware resulting from the use of this site. Please acknowledge beforehand that information or file names on our website are subject to change without notice.