History of Vita Craft pleasing customers all over the world

Ultimate “Vita Craft” cookware
born from space engineering

Based on the idea that “Home cooking can protect family health”, which came from the spirit of the founding of the USA, Vita Craft has been advocating healthful cooking since its founding in 1939. Our cookware is the world's finest, and continues to please families all over the world. The history of Vita Craft, on the other hand, is not well known. It goes back about 15 years before its founding in 1939. At that time, in the field of space technology, high temperature thermocompression bonding was developed to bond different types of metals using heat and pressure for rocket parts. Composites formed from sheets of different types of metal are surprisingly efficient. Charles C. Cooner, later the Vice President of Vita Craft and in the development team at the time, had begun to further develop the technology for cookware. He finally succeeded, after 15 years of research and study, in producing layered sheets of stainless steel and aluminum, which became the vital technology of Vita Craft.

All through life, healthful cooking
for everyone’s happiness

Vita Craft, named after our craftsmanship (Craft), handmade cookware which does not cause the loss of vitamins (Vita). As our name suggests, no vitamins or materials which are easily dissolved in water are lost, because cooking with our cookware does not require a lot of water, and takes advantage of the water which vegetables and other food already have. Also, cooking speed is surprisingly short. In addition, non-oil cooking using the fat in the materials reduces excessive intake of fats and oils, something which our cookware makes possible. Vita Craft’s healthful cooking has been providing healthful, rich and varied diets for families since its founding. The continued development of its high functionality, in addition to its excellent usability are contributed to by feedback from 10 million people who cook, as well as from nutritionists, doctors and cooking experts. Our cookware is the world's finest, and continues to provide the best home cooking with its high efficiency and quality. In order to maintain performance and quality, we do not produce in mass. Our cookware is molded, finished and checked for quality by the hands of our craftsmen one by one to this day, to be distributed to the world. Vita Craft cookware takes pride in being chosen by brides to take with them to their new homes as an old tradition in the United States, and has historical evidence and trust in many countries.

Vita Craft is disseminated information from Japan to the world

Distribution in Japan began in 1976. Mamoru Imura, the current CEO of Vita Craft, began distributing the products in Japan due to his fascination with its top-notch health orientation, cost effectiveness and functions. Now to this day, Vita Craft products are well known in Japan as “the best cookware in the world”. Since Induction Heater (IH) has become popular, Vita Craft cookware has been recommended by IH stove top manufacturers for their high quality and recognition. The result of evaluation and comparison to many other cookwares of numerous brands has proven our products to be the best. After the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, Mamoru Imura has developed a special 9-ply steel for the first time in the world for especially Induction Cooking Heater and started selling the Vita Craft ULTRA series. In 2002, he personally took over the control of Vita Craft Corporation in United States and returned back to Japan in 2006, after which we moved our base from United States to Japan. This has transformed Vita Craft into a company that sends information to the world not from United States, but from Japan. As a result, in 2010, based on research by Professor Yukio Yamori of Institute for World Health Development at Mukogawa Women’s University and Professor Kinsuke Tsuda of Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies at Kyoto University, etc. showed first time in the world that oxidized LDL, which is the cause of lifestyle diseases and cannot be reduced by even medicines, is reduced when cooked with Vita Craft. This is the only one cookware scientifically recognized in the world as healthy cookware.

Eternal spirit of Vita Craft

Vita Craft products have been proven to be highly trustworthy in recent years where society has become more energy conservation-oriented and health-oriented. Since the founding of the company, Vita Craft has been particular about its products being “handcrafted”. The assembly process of raw metal materials, as well as the distribution and inspection process, are carefully checked by our competent employees so that our products continue to be high quality and well functioning. Our cookware continues to provide healthful home cooking for families as “the best cookware in the world”. We will continue our research and development, focusing on the “World's the first”, “World's the only”, and “World's the best” products.

Born from space engineering of high temperature thermocompression bonding

Product features explained to our employees

Vita Craft draws attention from the media

“Handmade” production process

Vita Craft headquarters located in Shawnee, Kansas

10 year warranty in trust among families all over the world

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