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About Us

Trade name Vita Craft Japan Ltd.
CEO Mamoru Imura
Founded November 1, 1974
Established March 29, 1976
Line ofBusiness Household cookware, special multi-layer steel materials, cleaners,utensils, electrical appliances,import and export of everyday sundries, and sales.Development and sales of RFIQ software for household cookware and ancillary equipment.
Headquarters 650-0036 Harima-machi 49, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city,
Hyougo Prefecture Kobe Kyukyoryuchi Heiwa Building
TEL: +(81)078-332-2791(main)
Fax : +(81)078-391-6877
*We moved our office in October 2009.
Tokyo Branch 103-0013 TT-2 Building 3rd fl., Ningyo-cho 3-8-1, Nihonbashi, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +(81)03-3666-0875
Fax: +(81)03-5652-0925